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Press Releases

Jul 25

Fresh off the retrial of DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis, District Attorney Robert James said he's still looking into a question of "phony documents" that allowed Vaughn Irons to continue doing business with the County.


His office pulled records from the county government and the DeKalb Ethics Board in late February, soon after The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Action News exposed the fake document. Ethics Chairman John Ernst said that's the last he heard from law enforcement on the issue.



Jul 22

I voted against the 2015 Mid-Year DeKalb County Budget.

It is evident that some of the elected leaders and bureaucrats in DeKalb government have little recognition for what constitutes competent service delivery and prudent financial management. The mid-year budget continues bloating government, does nothing to reduce to size of the bureaucracy, and raises the millage rate for the General Fund even though property assessments have greatly increased. Clearly, DeKalb ...is going in the wrong direction.

In addition to the already bloated proposal, the administration sent the Board of Commissioners a budget with even higher levels of spending, less than 24 hours before our vote.

I cannot support a bloated budget, poor basic service delivery, increased millage rates, and last minute un-vetted budget additions. All of these factors have led DeKalb to the poor status it holds today. I will continue to speak out and vote against these practices and habits. I hope that you will join me and let your voice be heard.

Jul 22

Nancy Jester: The County Does Object

The AJC recently reported on procurement irregularities that led to APD Solutions getting a contract from DeKalb to spend federal grant money meant to help neighborhoods that were hit hard by the foreclosure crisis.  Despite ranking fourth in the bidding process, APD was given $1 million to rehab homes plus a no-bid contract extension of $500,000.   In addition to the procurement irregularities, the company is owned by the Chairman of the DeKalb Development Authority, Vaughn Irons.  
The DeKalb Board of Commissioners includes honesty, integrity, and stewardship as part of our Statement of Values. On each of these core principles, DeKalb County has failed the taxpayers with our ongoing entanglements shrouded in false documents, deception, denials, and secrecy.
It is time to shine the light of transparency on the procurement irregularities that were highlighted in the AJC story and disclose any other contracts or agreements that DeKalb has with APD solutions or Mr. Irons.  I am requesting that the CEO and his administration, review their files and make public any and all documentation regarding bids, contracts, meetings, and communications with APD Solutions and Mr. Irons.   
I want to be clear - the money involved in this growing scandal belongs to the taxpayers of DeKalb County.  Your tax dollars must not be used as a slush fund that doles out contracts to well connected friends and their companies.  Bidding, contracts, and oversight deserve professional and diligent scrutiny so that your tax dollars yield the most return for their investment.  It is unconscionable that a taxpayer funded employee would allow your money to be spent so carelessly and with so little to show for the expense. Sadly, in addition to taxpayers, those vulnerable communities that this grant money was meant to help, are victims.  They were cheated out of investments that should have been made to their community instead of lining the pockets of the powerful and politically connected.  
Jul 17

A Special Event With Jack Kingston

Come Meet Jack Kingston and Support J. Max Davis

Former Republican Congressman Jack Kingston is endorsing Republican J. Max Davis in the Special Runoff Election for State House District 80 and will attend a meet-and-greet on Saturday, July 18, 2015 from 11 AM to noon at Lucky's Burger & Brew in Town Brookhaven.

"I've known the Davis family for over 25 years, dating back to when I served in the Georgia House of Representatives with Max Davis."

"Last year, I got to know J. Max Davis better in his role as Mayor of Brookhaven, and as friend and supporter for our family. Just like when I served with his father, J. Max Davis embodies the Republican principles of limited, local and efficient government and lower taxes for all citizens."

"I am pround to endorse my friend J. Max Davis and to ask the voters of House District 80 to vote to send him to the State House," said Kingston. "In the Special Runoff Election, every single vote counts, and I'm asking Republicans to turn out in force on August 11th to vote for J. Max Davis."

"J. Max Davis is the only candidate in the Special Election with a proven record of lowering property taxes," said Kingston. "There is no better friend to the homeowners
of House District 80 than J. Max Davis."

"I hope voters will join me on Saturday at Lucky's Burger in Town Brookhaven to meet J. Max Davis and learn about his positive campaign for State House," said Kingston.


Who: Former Congressman Jack Kingston and Former Brookhaven Mayor J. Max Davis

What: Meet-and-greet

Where: Lucky's Burger & Brew, Town Brookhaven,
305 Brookhaven Ave Ste 1250
Atlanta, GA 30319

When:  Saturday, July 18, 2015 from 11 AM to noon


Jul 15

Support and vote for a new Ethics Board

By John Ernst

With the conviction July 1 of Burrell Ellis on perjury and extortion charges, our county began to fix its sullied image on ethics. It was a difficult day for many in DeKalb, but an important one nonetheless.
So where do we go from here?

We must continue to move forward. At our next Ethics Board meeting later this month, we will hold a final hearing on a complaint against one county commissioner and a preliminary hearing on a complaint against another. Our board will also determine whether we have jurisdiction on a complaint against the former chairman of the DeKalb Development Authority.

Many do not know yet that the current Ethics Board will likely be dissolved at the end of the year and replaced by a new board. Legislation enacted earlier this year by the Georgia General Assembly creates a more independent board appointed by organizations in the county such as Leadership DeKalb, rather than the CEO and the Board of Commissioners.

This legislation will be placed on the ballot in November as a referendum for approval by voters.  I strongly support and will continue to advocate for this new board.  I hope you will vote for it this November at the ballot box as it is most certainly is a step in the right direction.

Also, I’d like to point out an issue that continues to hamstring our Ethics Board right now. We currently lack a quorum to take action on many important decisions. After two resignations within the past few months, our board is down to five members, rather than a full board of seven. I call on Interim CEO Lee May to quickly fill these positions so that we can do the work of improving ethics and transparency in DeKalb for the remainder of the year.

Nothing could more clearly signal a new day in DeKalb County and a new no-tolerance attitude toward official corruption than immediately starting with an Ethics Board that has the membership to get down to work, rooting out corruption.

Will we solve the crisis of confidence in DeKalb? I remain hopeful that many recent sad chapters in our story will be followed by more positive ones. We are putting the right tools in place to solve many of our problems. I hope that we will continue in the right direction.

–John Ernst chairs the DeKalb Board of Ethics.

Jul 15


A sidewalk nobody wants paid for with money nobody has

By Bill Torpy - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
You’re pushing back from the table, not really hungry, but there’s some pizza left. So, what should you do?
That’s easy — you stuff down a couple pieces so no one else gets the rest.
Recently, DeKalb County commissioners were asked whether the county should return $120,000 in federal money for a sidewalk that virtually nobody wants.
The answer: are you kidding? The sidewalk is getting built, public opinion be damned. If they don’t pour concrete in DeKalb, then the taxpayer money might go to Pittsburgh or Florida or, heaven forbid, it may not get spent at all. But don’t worry, Uncle Sam can borrow more.
“This is a unique opportunity for us to put in sidewalks with other people’s money,” Commissioner Stan Watson said during the meeting last month to approve the project. “To send back money is unconscionable.”
Commissioner Nancy Jester, who represents that district and is new to all this, was the lone vote to send the money back. This week she commented on the unusual situation: “The neighborhood is saying, ‘Stop. Don’t spend the money on us.’ But the county couldn’t say no to this. They’re saying, ‘This is free money.’ But it’s not free money. It’s federal money and it should go back. It could have gone back into the program and bettered another community.”
Jul 14

The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners have taken a formal step to become the first county in Georgia to sign and support the Georgia’s Not Buying It Pledge.


With the signatures of the entire Board of Commissioners on the Georgia’s Not Buying It Pledge, DeKalb County stands united in our determination to end human trafficking in DeKalb County.


I was proud to introduce this pledge and will, at the next DeKalb Board of Commissioners meeting, introduce a resolution to formally record that DeKalb County supports the Georgia Is Not Buying It effort.


I want those who prey on the young and innocent to fear DeKalb County. If you wish to traffic our children we will find you and you will face justice. DeKalb County is not buying human trafficking.


The Georgia’s Not Buying It Pledge


With the understanding that the eradication of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) requires a long-term approach, as community leaders we acknowledge that our involvement is a critical part of the solution. For this reason our county is taking a stand to protect vulnerable children and to empower others with a standard that respects women and children.


We adopt this declaration as a beginning, pledging to…



By not supporting businesses and / or activities that perpetuate Domestic Minor Sex

Trafficking (DMST)



By raising awareness and speaking out against Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST)



By fostering and maintaining an environment that protects children from exploitation and

educates them about the dangers of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST).