Nancy reading to school children

About Nancy Jester

Nancy Jester is a tireless advocate for children and taxpayers in Georgia. She has grassroots experience working to improve education. She’s served on school councils and as the founding president of a public school foundation. Nancy was also elected to serve on the DeKalb Board of Education and became the first person to find and publish deceptive budgeting practices that plundered the accumulated reserves of the 3rd largest school system in Georgia.

Nancy Jester began her career working as an actuarial consultant in Georgia and Texas. Upon starting her family, she devoted her time to improving the educational lives of children. Nancy hosts regular community meetings around the metro area; bringing together elected officials, education experts, advocates and parents to discuss current education topics in Georgia. She has also served as a consultant to a charter school organization. Nancy is a member of The Rotary Club of Dunwoody. She is also a member of the Conservative Policy Leadership Institute, Class of 2014.

Nancy grew up in Georgia and earned her bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She and her husband, Stanley, have three children that all attend public school.

Nancy's Team

Meet Nancy's two dedicated staffers

Mike Davis

Mike Davis

Chief of Staff

Former Dunwoody Mayor Mike Davis is Nancy Jester's new chief of staff. Mike was elected Mayor by the residents of Dunwoody in 2011 and ran on a platform of creating and running small, efficient and responsible local government. Based on more than thirty years of experience leading and managing businesses of varying sizes, Mike promotes a strong foundation of city/county governance and a balanced approach to growth and development. Mike is married to his wife Mary Pat Davis and is the father of 4 girls, two daughters and two step daughters.

Mike has always been an active community participant and volunteer serving on the Board of Directors at Murphey Candler Girls Softball Association and he has coached 19 girl's softball and basketball teams over the years. He is a sports enthusiast and was an ALTA tennis coordinator and team captain and has run the Peachtree road race 17 times. In his downtime, Mike enjoys cooking and was the recipient of the 2010 Chili Cook off award at the Dunwoody Music Festival. Mike can be reached on his office number 404-371-2844.

Jeff Long

Jeff Long

Director of Communications & County Reform

As a lifelong DeKalb resident, Jeff shares the same concerns as many who call DeKalb County home; sustainable growth, improved public schools, a strong and healthy public safety workforce, and a county government that works honestly and efficiently for the benefit of its citizens. Jeff and his wife Beth have lived in Decatur for 15 years. While Jeff has worked in the government sector for the past 20 years, with positions in education, military, and local government, his passion for change in DeKalb’s government led him to start the grassroots advocacy group ReformDeKalb in 2015.

In 2016, Jeff was appointed to the Citizens Nuisance Business and Blight Committee for DeKalb’s District 6. In November, he joined Commissioner Jester’s staff. Jeff is committed to a continued transformation in DeKalb government and is ready to assist the residents of District 1 in any way possible. His office number is 404-371-2844.